A morning in green,


Believe me you, there is nothing healthier than starting your day on a refreshing smoothie, it adds that oomph into your body that will last for your entire day. For those in weight loss journey or detox, this is the best way to go,, The only things you will need are the greens![ I mean green vegetables & fruits] and a juicer or a blender . My promise is that It won’t take you more than 5minutes,, How cool is that!
Let go….



Green apple
• Baby spinach
• Cucumber – a half
• celery – two ribs
• Avocado – a half
• Water or coconut water
• Milk preferably Almond milk or soya milk
• Yogurt preferably natural yogurt
• Honey ( optional)
Step1:Put everything into a blander and mix them up for about 3 to 5 minsmothie2
To add more twist to it, I like to add Protein powder and Moringa powder

And Voila,, your creamy and delish green smoothie is ready!

For those who are working or going to school, it is an easy carry, you simply need a closing smoothie jar, and you are good to go..!

I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do,

Till then, Love & joy on your way……

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