A go-to rice vegetable

I made this rice recently for school lunch,, even thought I was running late, I had to take a pause and appreciate its deliciousness ( and take some photos as well @ that’s how I love you guys!). As I didn’t have enough time  to fry my rice and veg , I had to go the easy way which is throwing every thing at the same time into boiled water.


Processed with MOLDIV

Processed with MOLDIV

  • Rice
  • onion
  • oil ( olive oil)- 2 table spoons
  • vegetables ( carrots, peas, green beans, ……. do with what you have)
  • water or (beef / chicken stock)
  • salt
  • Maggi-powder all-purpose
  • paprika
  • garlic powder

Step1: Add water into a pot ( two times the quantity of rice you want to cook), till it boils.

Step2: Add rice, vegetables and all other ingredients into the boiled water( after 5 min in , you can stir so that every thing may come up together)  and cook it on a low-medium head for about 15 min.

Processed with MOLDIV

For those who have beef or chicken stock (the remaining soup after boiling beef or chicken) please go for it, it will add more flavour to your dish. Meantime Enjoy!

On a side note: the more serious, I mean the real vegetable fried rice recipe is coming soon!

I hope that you will enjoy it as much as I do,,

Till then , Love and Joy on your ways,…


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