Cheese toast recipe

I am not a huge fan of cheese but  every once in a while I like to give it chance either for breakfast with some tea or for lunch with a soup that I will show you in my  up coming posts.


Processed with MOLDIV

  • bread ( 2 slices )
  • butter( 2 cube)
  • cheese ( 1 piece)

Step 1: you take  your cheese and put it between the two slices of bread

Processed with MOLDIV

Step2:  you melt the butter on a hot pan and add your bread after 3 to 4 min you may remove it from the sauce pan and immediately add another cube of butter and flip to the other side of your bread , let it fries for another 3 minProcessed with MOLDIV


And Voila! your cheese toast is ready,

Processed with MOLDIV


I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do,

Till then, Love and Joy on your ways……

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