simple grilled chicken breast

My friends, what you see right here is what you get, that’s the only thing that I can guaranty,, you just sit down and enjoy every bite!,, you will thank me later okay?!


Processed with MOLDIV


  • Chicken breast
  • lemon juice
  • my usual liquid and dry seasonings ingredient

Step 1 : clean well your chicken with water, then put it in lemon juice and let it sit for 15 min

Step2 : mix all your dry and liquid seasonings ingredient into a bowl and rub it on your chicken and again let it sit for another 10min , meanwhile pre-heat your oven on a medium heat

Step3: put your well seasoned chicken in the oven change the sides after every 15 min

Et voila your tender grilled chicken is ready!

Processed with MOLDIV


I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did,

Till then, Love and Joy on your ways…

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