My name is Aline Nzabonimpa, born and raised in Rwanda. After moving abroad  to further my education and later getting a job while still in school; finding a time to prepare a meal started becoming a luxury, and outside’s meals or processed foods were not my preferred go-to options. Some of you may be familiar  with what I am saying…!
Hey, how could I forget to mention how much I love cooking, ( now I think you feel my pain of not being able to do what I love right! ,,, Me and the kitchen have always had our own ways of connection, I always take pleasure in the art of playing with different kinds of flavours, colours and texture of foods. As my mother used to say “ there is no defined formula for cooking, there is always a room to add, to withdraw or even exchange ingredients”. Yes, she was right, cooking is like making an art painting, you choose which paint colours to use depending on your desirable final look.
And yes, I decided to do all of them, I mean completing all my school assignments, working and taking a health home-made meal. And that where the idea of Ever Delish came about, to help those who might be in the same situation as me.
On this blog, I will share with you some easy and quick meal prep ideas that I make in my home and I hope one of you may learn a thing or two and get help with your busy life schedule. My recipes prep time range from 10-30 min and my ingredients are few, constant and easy to find whatever part of the world you might be. [On a side note, I am not a chef, I am a proudly self taught home cook!] in the case you may be wondering….,
For cooking beginners, students, professionals, or those who may be interested in learning new recipes don’t worry, I feel you ,,, Ever Delish has got all of you covered, and my  biggest wish is to make it a very cozy place to learn and interact . HOWEVER the only guarantee that I can give you is how sensational and delish the food will be,               I can’t wait….

Meanwhile, Thank you for being a part of my journey,
Blessings on your way….